Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Speaking of MLK: I posted a kind of miniature higlight reel of MLK BLVD on Murketing.com, right here.

The subject of MLK Blvds etc. came up on yesterday's installment of the African-American roundtable, on News & Notes on NPR. Host Farai Chideya introduced one question by noting that for people her age (I think she's in her 30s):
By the time [people our age] reached our tweens or our teens, you had MLK Boulevards all over the country, and usually they were in some of the most jacked-up neighborhoods that you will ever find. So there was this complexity that I had in my mind: Why are they going to honor this man by naming the dingiest, dead-end street after him? ... Hearing the words Dr. Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. don't necessarily bring hope to younger generations the way they did to previous generations...