Friday, December 01, 2006

For the record...

Despite the skepticism here that the "Jass & Jassism" editorial from the June 20, 1918, Times-Picayune, linked at right, might be an "urban myth," I assure that I have in my files -- I just pulled it to double-check -- a printout from the microfilm of relevant (dated) page of the paper itself. Beats my why the other source cited dates the thing to June 17, 1917. I'm looking at the printout now (it's not a text-only printout, it's microfilm of an actual newspaper page), one more time, just to make sure I'm not crazy: There's the date, and there's the piece.

Here's the best image I can come up with under the regrettable limitations of the home-office scanner:

Now it goes back in the files, and I can get back to, you know, tasks that don't involve clearing my reputation.