Monday, November 06, 2006

Kansas City Frank

Super-dedicated -- disturbingly dedicated -- readers of this site might remember this earlier entry on the version of SJI recorded by Frank Melrose under the name Kansas City Frank and his Footwarmers.

Or not. But I remember it, and so I was interested to hear a little NPR bit about a recently released Melrose recording, from a 1940 session, under the title "Bluesiana." No, "SJI" isn't on it, but the NPR review had some nice snippets and made me want to know Melrose's work a little better. The reviewer points out that the man often referred to as "Kansas City Frank" was actually a Chicago guy, and even his Footwarmers sides were made in Chicago. The upshot of the piece was that this session shows off the "other Chicago style" -- a style associated with young, white musicians. The most interesting musical snippet was Melrose's take a Jelly Roll Morton tune; apperently he and Morton were pals.