Sunday, November 26, 2006

Art in Houston

Yes, there is art in Houston, and artists. The Houston Chronicle has a piece about the warehouse district that's been quite artist-friendly over the years. Having grown up outside Houston and gone back from time to time over the years, I can say it's been really amazing to watch this area take shape over time. Needless to say the latest development is: luxury development!

The groundbreaking for luxury townhouses on Commerce Street caught the eyes of artists working in warehouses across the street.

On land where the Art Park once showcased metal sculptures, utility lines now stick up from the ground — a signal that downtown development is slowly creeping east of U.S. 59 into the 2200 and 2300 blocks of Commerce.

To save their galleries, studio spaces and metal-work facility, some of the artists involved in the Commerce Street Artists Warehouse — commonly called CSAW — drew up a long-term plan to preserve the old warehouses they lease.