Friday, July 07, 2006

The Fretboard Journal

The new issue of The Fretboard Journal arrived the other day. If you're a musician, a guitar player for example, you should really check this out. (I'm actually not a musician, but even I find it interesting, and besides the publisher, Jason Verlinde, is a nice guy, who liked LfNO.)

I don't know how they're pulling off such a posh printing job, it's really quite a beautiful publication. For me the highlight of this, the second issue, is a photo essay on guitar string packaging. I love that kind of thing, and some of the old packages featured are delightful.

Also of interest to me was a nicely done review of a new complete-works Django Reinhardt. And of interest to many, I believe, will be the cover story, on Neko Case. Apart from being one of the most celebrated figures in the indie-ish music world at the moment, she's also a collector of tenor guitars.

Oh, and they have a blog as well .


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