Tuesday, June 20, 2006

SJI In The News

Well, I expected a dropoff in "St. James Infirmary" mentions after the first weekly Google News Alert (since the first alert would basically gather every reference in the Google News universe at that moment, and the second alert would only pick up mentions from the past week). But still: That dropoff is pretty severe, with just one mention this week.

A column in the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, by staff music critic John Pitcher, recounts a performance by the Eastman Jazz Ensemble (here's the link; see second item), which is associated with the Eastman School of Music. Mr. Pitcher writes:
Eastman has a terrific record of turning out successful jazz musicians. On Monday night, one of the school's most illustrious alums, trumpeter Byron Stripling, joined the Eastman Jazz Ensemble for an exhilarating set. As a trumpeter, Stripling had everything: a fabulous technique, an exquisite sense of phrasing and a tone that was both brilliant and brimming with emotion.

A dynamic and charismatic performer, Stripling also has a powerful and earthy baritone voice, which he put to good use in such standards as "St. James Infirmary."
Not being familiar with Byron Stripling, I did a little search and found his site.


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