Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Pocket Pol

On Le Show this weekend, Harry Shearer was playing little clips of some of Ray Nagin's most famous soundbites, and while he didn't really explain, he suggested these were from a "Mayor In Your Pocket." Could this, I wondered, be an evolution of the famous "Cajun In Your Pocket?"

The answer comes from Slimbolala: Yes.

A "Cajun In Your Pocket" is a little plastic thingy that plays audio clips of a guy with an over-the-top Cajun accent saying stuff like "You Gotta Suck Da Head On Dem Der Crawfish" or "OO, I Love You Like a Pig Loves Corn," etc., depending on which button you push. (There was a lawsuit a few years ago when the maker of this object accused Mystikal of breaking copyright laws by using some of these phrases in "Shake Ya Ass;" Mystikal prevailed.) "Da Mayor In Your Pocket" is a little plastic thingy of Nagin saying "You gotta be kidding me" or "This is a national disaster," and a few other utterances from the most grim and bleak moments of the Katrina episode.

"Is a toy supposed to give you the chills?" Slimbolala asks. "I don't know, but this one does."

$10, plus shipping.