Thursday, May 11, 2006

Dr Jazz

In a post back in March, I mused about the location of the original St. James Infirmary, relying on some information passed along by Paul Goddard of Bristol, England. As mentioned at the time, he is in a band, Dr Jazz, that has performed "St. James Infirmary" many times, and I thought (given how generous his earlier help to me was) that I would pass along news of the new Dr Jazz Web site. You can book the band, buy CDs, and listen to some samples -- although, sadly, their version of "St. James Infirmary" is not among the sound files. But that's only fair, given that much of the band's material is Mr. Goddard's original songs.

Actually, I guess I should make that Dr. Goddard: "pianist, vocalist, radiologist." The site describes Dr Jazz as "a jazz charity band" that in the two decades or so that it has been active, "has raised money for a variety of medical causes including MRI scanners at Bristol hospitals, brain tumour research, liver research, the magic wand appeal, research into automatic analysis of medical images and breast cancer research at the Bristol Oncology Centre. The group has been active in the raising of more than four and a half million pounds for charity."

Closer to home (well, to my home), turns out his son Jeremy Goddard is also a musician, playing often in the East Village.