Sunday, May 14, 2006

The 7th Link

This came to my attention (via E) too late to make it into the 6 Links I posted earlier this morning, but it can't wait until next week. Our friend Stephanie Grace thumps Douglas Brinkley's new book for providing an overheated and loose-with-facts assessment of Ray Nagin's performance during Katrina. She even wonders if Brinkley's attacks could end up helping Nagin, writing that the book "is so over the top in its treatment of the mayor, so seething with ridicule, that a backlash is all but inevitable."

I don't live in New Orleans anymore, and have no business giving opinions about the election there, but I will say that a lot of the Nagin-bashing has struck me as more opportunistic than anything else. In any case, I have a feeling Stephanie's column is more worth reading than the actual book, a 700-plus-pager that seems to have been rushed into print more in an effort to cash in than help out; so here is the link again.