Sunday, May 28, 2006

6 Links

pic by R. Walker.

1. Above, an image from my all-new Flickr set, "Come See For Yourself." This will be an ongoing thing.

2. When will I stop touting Marc Weidenbaum? As soon he stops doing interesting things. Here is his Brief History of Laptop Music. (Brief, in this case, is somewhat relative.)

3. Wired News reports on a documentary called Music In Exile, featuring Irma Thomas and many more, made by the guy who did Deep Blues a while back.

4. "In 1982, the top 1% of artists received 26% of concert revenue. By 2003, that figure had gone up to 56%." Why? One professor's theory.

5. What's your least favorite song? Here's a Metafilter discussion of an attempt to isolate the things that made you answer the way you did: That is, what makes a bad song bad. There's a link in the discussion to the actual research paper, which is the only academic paper I can remember reading that says its survey strategy was "modeled on a similarly themed, postal survey organized by humorist and newspaper columnist Dave Barry." Okay.

6. From The Believer: Thirteen Ways of Seeing Nature in L.A.," parts one and two. Really good.