Friday, May 05, 2006

6 Links

1. Gallery of VD-education posters. You may recall from the essay that this site is spun off from that "The Unfortunate Rake" (the song from which "SJI" descended) is basically about a guy who contracted VD. A 1916 poster from France reads: "Soldier, the country counts on you -- keep healthy. Resist the temptation of the street where a sickness as dangerous as the war awaits you… It carries its victims to decay and death, without honor, without happiness. . . . " Subsequent posters got a little more snappy.

2. NPR piece on the gospel tent at Jazz Fest.

3. "The primary message is: free shrimp." An NPR piece about the troubles of the Louisiana shrimp business, and its lobbying strategies -- which recently involved bringing a thousand pounds of shrimp to Washington. I sure do love Gulf shrimp.

4. The troubles of Basin Street Street Records.

5. Pretty interesting hour-long radio show about the origins and impact of Pentecostalism.

6. Kind words about Letters from New Orleans from Minor Wisdom. Much appreciated!

Actual number of links in this installment of 6 Links: 9.