Friday, April 28, 2006

6 Links

1. Pal Marc Weidenbaum (proprietor of Disquiet) hosted a panel about making instruments and making music with them -- his panelists were Tom (Univac) Koch, Krys Bobrowsk, and Chachi Jones -- at the recent Maker Faire in San Francisco. He's posted a recording of the 45-minute panel, and it's very cool. Check it out.

2. New images have been added to the MLK BLVD Flickr pool from contributors in North Carolina and St. Louis. Some of the St. Louis entries came from the author of Urban Review, which covers what I guess I'm going to call urban design issues in St. Louis and environs. A recent post there discusses development ideas for a neighborhood called The Ville, which includes MLK Drive. It's pretty interesting.

3. Our contact at Garrett County Press passed along this surprisingly interesting YouTube video by a New Orleans 10-year-old (I have a feeling she had some help).

4. MySpacecide.

5. HUD's Alphonso Jackson says of the "gang-ridden" projects of New Orleans: "Only the best residents should return. Those who paid rent on time, those who held a job and those who worked."

6. Acoustic covers of rap songs, discussed at BoingBoing.

Actual number of links in this installment of "6 Links:" 14.