Thursday, February 16, 2006

The '4' Thing

The only thing worse than a chain letter is the word "meme." Nevertheless, I'm going to participate in the "Four Things" thing that's been going around for a while, partly out of amazement that it reached me at all, partly because if it's good enough for Disquiet, it's good enough for me.

Four jobs I've had: "“Busman"” (not busboy) at a pathetic country club... Counter guy at Famous Cookie Company in a mall. (Fired.) ... Cashier/stocker, Walgreen's ... Typesetter

Four movies I can watch over and over: Stranger Than Paradise. Stardust Memories. After Hours. Nights of Cabiria.

Four places I've lived: New Orleans. NYC. Jersey City. Katy, Texas.

Four TV shows I love: Sopranos. Newshour with Jim Lehrer. Seinfeld. The Office (UK).

Four places I've vacationed: Asbury Park, New Jersey ... Clarksdale, Mississippi ... Booth Bay, Maine ... Rome

Four of my favorite dishes: Fried shrimp po-boy w/ gumbo / Liuzza's By The Track ... Pizza (sausage-topped) / Patsy Grimaldi's ... Beef brisket / Louie Mueller ... Chicken fajitas / Ninfa's on Navigation

Four sites I visit daily: Times-Picayune, Houston Chronicle sports section, Washington Post Style section, Flickr.

Four bloggers I am tagging (you're it): Tongue-Tied (old pal); Counterfeit Chic (recent acquaintance); AnimaMundi (met only via email); Black Looks (total stranger).